Doing business of commercial agencies in Kuwait

The importance of commercial agencies in creating new investment opportunities has emerged, through traders obtaining commercial agencies from major companies located outside the country. Such agencies benefit both parties. Where major companies contract with agents from local companies and traders

Conditions For Licensing Direct Investment In The State Of Kuwait

The Direct Investment Promotion Authority aims to attract, attract and encourage foreign and local direct investment in Kuwait, by developing and improving the investment environment, facilitating procedures, removing obstacles in front of investors, providing ways of support and various facilities,

The powers of the employer in regulating his establishment

The Kuwaiti private sector labor law aims to regulate the relationship between the worker and the employer, and establishes the rights and obligations of each party towards the other in the work contract, and governs the powers of the employer

Validity and enforcement of the sale contract

A case for the validity and enforceability of the sale contract is a substantive case, extending to the subject, extent and enforcement of the contract, and expands on all the reasons raised in it related to the existence and non-existence

Working Women’s Rights

In the Kuwait Labor Law, the working women’s rights that the employer should respect: women do not work at night, non-attribution of immoral and dangerous to them, provision of safety and security requirements, they have the right to be given

Regulating licenses for shops in Kuwait

An application for licenses for shops in the State of Kuwait is submitted to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with the intention of opening or owning any facility or office to engage in trade or to practice a profession

Organizing the collective labor contract in Kuwaiti law

The importance of the collective labor contract in regulating the relationship between labor unions and unions and between business owners in order to achieve a balance of interests between labor power and economic power, as Kuwaiti law granted Kuwaiti workers

Sole Shareholder Company Association in Kuwait

Sole Shareholder Company: project it is capital is wholly owned by one person, whether natural or legal, and the owner of the company is only asked about its obligations by the amount of capital allocated to it. Prior to the